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  • ʻʻ

    Dir. of Technology

    The implementation of AI-driven digital humans has proven to be an efficient solution to improve interaction with our customers.

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    Product Development

    The digital humans created by BeHumans have contributed positively to the automation of repetitive tasks in our organization.

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    Associate Director

    Their advanced solutions and focus on customization have significantly improved the user experience on our project.

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    IT Projects

    The adoption of AI has boosted the efficiency of our team, incorporating highly efficient digital humans

How do we address this situation?

Our solution

  • Artificial intelligence-driven virtual avatars
  • Natural language and machine learning
  • Natural language and machine learning
  • Realistic and interactive animations
  • Detect emotions and expressions

What is the relationship with customers like?

Daily Challenges

  • Dissatisfied and disengaged users
  • Feeling of low relevance
  • Static web pages and ineffective AI-based chatbots
  • Lacking more personal interactions

How we create value in your company?

Benefits of Digital Human

  • Full Availability

    We ensure instant and uninterrupted availability for your customers

  • Customized experience

    We personalize business-customer interactions based on individual preferences

  • Fluent communication

    Ability to understand and respond in natural language, a very human conversational experience

  • Efficient automation

    Ideal for performing repetitive tasks while employees focus on more practical ones

  • Flexible integration

    Web, app, mobile, social networks or virtual reality provide an immersive experience

  • Decision-making

    Thanks to their exhaustive data analysis, they can offer you optimal solutions quickly and effectively

What you can achieve

Uses Cases

  • Sales

    Digital humans can guide users through the sales process, showcase product features, and offer personalized recommendations, ultimately driving conversations and sales.

  • Customer Service

    Digital humans can provide personalized, real-time assistance, resolving customer queries and offering product recommendations. They can handle routine support tasks, freeing up human agents for more complex issues.

  • Training

    Within e-learning environments, digital humans can act as virtual assistants, providing interactive and engaging lessons, simulations and assessments. They facilitate immersive learning experiences and adapt to individual learning styles.

  • Healthcare

    In this area, digital humans can be used from an assistant who would write down everything the doctor dictates to being able to perform triage.

Request for more information

    Our staff is at your disposal for further information, to analyse your specific case in order to propose solutions and resolve your doubts. We will only use the information you provide to respond to your requests.